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  • Looking for a farm in:
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Number of years farming:
  • 3-5 years
  • Farming experience
  • I have practical farming experience (including work as a farm intern or employee)
  • I am, or have been, a farm business owner
  • Other experience
  • Agricultural products:
  • Field crops (grains or beans)
  • Flowers
  • Fruit/berries/grapes
  • Hay or forage crops
  • Herbs
  • Livestock
  • Seeds, seedlings or nursery stock
  • Vegetables
  • Other products
  • Planned marketing strategies:
  • Farmers markets or farm stand
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Restaurant sales
  • Other marketing strategies
  • Land needed:
  • 5-10 acres
  • 10-25 acres
  • 25-50 acres
  • 50 acres or more
  • Facilities and equipment:
  • Housing
  • Irrigation capacity
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Greenhouse
  • Fencing
  • Cold storage
  • Other facilities
  • Processing facilities
  • Planned farming practices:
  • Certified organic
  • Ecological production, but not certified
  • Biodynamic
  • Other practices


Hello my name is Justin. I am friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, hardworker. I enjoy working outdoors and managed a hobby farm for six seasons from 2012 through 2018. I am always looking to expand my current skill set and enjoy being in the garden and working with animals of all kinds. My experience in managing a hobby farm consisted of plowing, planting and growing a variety of crops, refurbishing old farm buildings including DIY greenhouses and mobile chicken coops. Additionally, I regularly tended to animals including chickens, hogs, cattle, and horses. My experience also comprised of the ability to run tractors, cutting and bailing hay. Every season I take pride in growing my own garden and I would take interest in learning more about growing crops of any variety. I am an early riser that takes enjoyment in getting my hands dirty. I have been told I am a quick learner with a passion for farming. I look forward to owning and operating an enterprise of my own one day.


I spent 6 seasons on a family farm, cutting, raking, bailing hay as well as animal husbandry. In my spare time I was given an opportunity to develop my own poultry and swine operations along with a fair size market garden. I spent most of my days working a full time job and in the evenings refurbishing old chicken coops, mending fences, building home made greenhouses along with other interesting DIY projects. I tended to 150 laying hens, 100 broilers and 12 hogs on any given season.


My partner Ava and I are currently seeking opportunity on a farm learning all the seasonal operations to run a successful enterprise. We pride ourselves on our hardworking, positive and goal oriented attitudes. I am currently working full time as inside sales representative selling products for a manufacture. This is my 8th year in this position and I am ready for a change. Ava is employed full time with a major Canadian airline. Her background ranges in fields such as customer service, serving, sales and management positions. We are a great team that works exceptionally well together and with others. We are always looking for new challenges and this opportunity would present us with the potential to pursue our passion in horticulture.

Farm Vision

Harness the knowledge of sustainable practices to provide goods and services enabling consumers to indulge in the high quality products our farm produces. Our production would be vegetation focused, growing organic crops from seed to table.

Relationship with Farm Owner

I would be interested in mentoring under a more experienced farmer. I learn best hands on and given an opportunity I would work hard along side the owner to develop the skills to run the enterprise and take it to the next level.