Land Seeker

Where do I start? 

Before you proceed, think about how ready you are to be looking for land and give yourself plenty of lead time (1-2 years) to get yourself organized to get on land. Many land seekers have farm businesses in operation and are looking for a new property to farm on. However many new farmers are looking for land at the same time they are looking to get started in farming. Start at the beginning; are you ready? Let’s go!

Do you have on-farm experience?

You don’t have to grow up on a farm to become a farmer. If you didn’t, or you grew up on a farm in another country, it’s a good idea to get your hands dirty first through on-farm volunteer positions, internships and employment. You can search through our  “training” resources  in our Resource Database to get connected to local internship programs.

Have you got a clear idea of the skills and assets you need to get your farm off the ground?

While formal college or university agriculture programs are helpful, you don’t need to have formal training. But you will be most successful if you have at least several years of practical experience and have seen a variety of farm operations to know what you are looking for. It is also really helpful to know where to look for information and support as you start your first season. If you haven’t thought through all of this, consider taking one of our webinars.

Do you have a business plan?

If not, start working towards creating one to help you identify where you are heading, what enterprises or strategies make you money and which ones are not sustainable, what you can afford and what you can’t. You can search through our  “financial” management resources in our Resource Database. If you’re ready to dig into your records and enterprise budgets consider checking out recordings of our webinars.

Do you know what you are willing to pay for land? Are you willing to locate anywhere?

Land prices differ greatly across provinces and  across the country as a whole. Communities, local markets, climates and soils do to. Work through your vision, business plan, and budget so you can evaluate when a property may be right for you. You can search through our “land” resources in our Resource Database.

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