Loretto, Ontario, Canada

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Hello! We're growing on 100 acres in Ontario, Canada and 12 acres in Vermont, USA. We've got a mixed livestock and organic produce operation. Our veggies are all organic and our livestock are free-range. We sell CSA shares and also have a farm gate stand. We love meeting new people and talking about new (and old) techniques for ecologically sustainable agriculture.

Farm description

Established small organic family farm (100 acres) with diverse mixed livestock and organic produce operation. We host guests for agrotourism. We board horses. We are a CSA farm. We also sell meat, eggs, fruit, and vegetables to local restaurants and direct to consumers via farm gate sales.

Please take the time to read about our farm and what we have on offer, and then write a detailed description of your farming goals and what you have on offer. Link to your profile in your message. "Hey I'm interested, check out my profile to learn about me" messages will not be returned.

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Farm opportunity

Looking for motivated individuals with some farming knowledge and a high level of professionalism who want to springboard from a start on our farm to their own business on their own land. We are particularly looking for people interested in utilizing resources we already have but are too time-constrained to utilize fully.

We had considered several scenarios. For example, we raise Katahdin sheep for meat but they are also excellent milk sheep- if you were interested in milking, you could share the cost of feeding and the labor of tending them and take the milk for yourselves to sell and to make cheese with. Another example would be to raise broilers- we already have an established flock of laying hens and we hatch out both layers and broilers to raise on our pastures. If you wanted to take on the task of watering them and their supplemental feed, you could harvest and sell the finished broilers and offer us a share of them to sell ourselves. If you're more interested in market gardening, we could certainly talk about ways to work at that. We could help you build raised beds and establish in-ground beds in exchange for your labor selling at the farmers' markets which we don't have time to attend.

Have your own business or simply grow enough food for your friends and family. We can help with mentoring, tools, and machinery. We're open to suggestions and bright ideas. We do not have living space available- you would need to commute to and from the farm.