Halstead Farm, Vancouver Isl.

Merville, British Columbia, Canada

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Farm description

The farm is a soldier settler homestead, with orchard and pastures that are almost 100 years established. It has been farmed certified organically by us for 8 years. We have a 43 acres total with 4 acre field suitable for market gardening (currently 1 acre in production), with the remainder in pasture, hay and forest. We raise livestock (sheep, sometimes chickens, rarely pigs) and hay. We are +/-40, and have one young child.

We are currently going through a change in succession, and once my parents' estates are settled we hope to find long-term farm partners to lease or lease-to-own, to have the land used to its potential. Our vision for this farm is to have a permaculture-like system that is integrated and agriculturally diverse and productive. We would love to farm either formally as a co-op, or collaboratively in some way to share the load and the land with others, as it is much more farm than we can handle!

Farm opportunity

* Please email us at halsteadfarm@gmail.com rather than messaging through Farmlink, it's faster*

We are seeking business partners, leasees or renters to share our land, as we have more farm than we can use ourselves and we want to see it used more productively! I prefer to have other folks around so we can share the heavy work, marketing and other efficiencies. We will have a mortgage which means we currently have to work off-farm to pay for the land.

Ideally I'd like to have a co-op with other partners and be able to collaboratively farm and own equipment, infrastructure and housing, though we're pretty flexible. Until the right folks come along and we get to know them, we've been doing yearly rental agreements mostly with younger folks who get some experience, and then either within a couple years get out of farming or find some money for a down payment and buy their own place. Which is fine, but we'd prefer to eventually have a more stable, long term arrangement with people we can collaborate with- so that's the endgame. I think there's space here for 3 households at least.
We'd like to have a co-op so that the farm and business activities could be sold as shares when members want to retire, and hopefully the operation can live on sustainably without having to sell the land.

Our property is mixed soil types with approximately 25 acres of organic hay fields and pasture, a small orchard we'd like to expand within the pasture, 4 acres of nice soil with 1 acre in production as a market garden, and about 7 acres of forest. The location is Merville BC, close to Williams Beach, Miracle Beach and Mount Washington plus the top rated Farmers' Market in BC! We have a nice view of Mt Washington over the pond adjacent to us, and also a nice view of our fields from the hill that the farm buildings are, and the slope and lower areas offer a variety of microclimates.

We have a cabin which is currently rented out on a fixed term. We have a camperized bus available to live in for the growing season (not winterized), and 2 additional road access points that are potential new homestead sites. We have tenants on the property currently but are always interested in talking to folks especially if you're hoping for something longer term.

Please contact us with any questions. We're open to visits.