Northwestern Ontario

Nolalu, Ontario, Canada

Farm description

185 acres about 60 km SW of Thunder Bay. Was once a thriving homestead with an excellent oat field and hay fields. One third of the property is cleared. The rest is forest - poplar, birch, spruce, pine. The property fronts on a paved highway - 588 - and goes back to the Whitefish River. Silver Mountain is across the highway, to the south. There are many streams flowing from the mountain to the river. We bought this land to do beef farming, thirty years ago. That never materialized. Now, the fields are growing in. The soil is clay. My vegetable garden was very good. I used one year old straw bale mulch - the bales I put around the house for winter wind break protection for the crawl space. There is a four bedroom home with electric, wood, and geothermal heat - hot water geothermal. I am hoping to develop a greenhouse business. Utilizing the geothermal is a possibility. I am open to other ideas. My children have grown and departed. I am age 64. I am open to shared ownership. The property is 186 acres with half a mile highway frontage. Subdivision is not an option. It is an unorganized township. Nolalu is the closest community. There are many lakes down highway 588, which ends at Northern Lights Lake - gateway to Quetico Park.

Farm opportunity

See above.