Andrew Alford

Hello! I have been an urban agriculture teacher in Montreal (with the City Farm School) for the past two years and am seeking something a little more entrepreneurial-oriented


I have completed two six-month internship, one at a biodynamic farm in Acton (in 2013) and a non-certified organic CSA farm in Caledon, in 2012. From 2015-2017 I co-coordinated a small-scale farmer training program, called City Farm School ( in Montreal, QC, where we trained about 50 students each year.


At the moment, I do not have any farming partners. I am currently looking at the possibly of cooperatively-run farm enterprises

Farm vision

I envision a dynamic property that holds true to using organic and biodynamic principles and methods while providing nutritious, ecologically-grown food (and other useful products) to the community; while allocating some resources and time to farm learning and exploration

Relationship with farm owner

A mentor that shares similar values and has an open-mind to new ideas and project proposals