Andrea Berry

Hi! I am an experienced organic seed and vegetable farmer, as well as past organic inspector. I started working in gardening and landscaping during highschool and university. After university I was one of the first CRAFT apprentices at Everdale Environmental Learning Centre in 2001. I moved to the Maritimes in 2002 and worked as the Organic Ag Program Coordinator with Falls Brook Centre for 5 years, while at the same time starting my own organic seed company called Hope Seeds I moved my farm and business to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia in 2010, and grew the seed business into a worker-owned co-operative. Family situations have brought me back to Ontario in 2017, while I maintain the farm in NS through a lease with a former farm apprentice. I have farmed on small acreage, from 1/4 acre - 5 acres, from a hand-tooled to 55 hp tractors with attachments. My experience with animals is limited to homestead scale with chickens, pigs, beef cattle, the family milk cow and a few draught horses. I am a single parent with two young children that thrive in a rural, organic farm setting. I have shared my love for farming with people of all ages and backgrounds as a farm mentor, employer, public speaker and consultant on farm projects. Currently I am living in Oakville with my sister's family, working part-time for Evergreen on their first urban agriculture project with Woodbine Racetrack in Rexdale. I enjoy the work very much, appreciating the chance to keep my hands in the soil, while sharing the experience with garden visitors from corporate volunteers to kid's camps that come to learn.


I have specialized skills in organic seed production, having produced and mentored other farmers in vegetable, flower and herbs seed production over the last 15 years. I have operated a small, web-based seed business called Hope Seeds as a sole-proprietorship, transitioning it to a worker-owned co-op in 2015. The business still operates out of Annapolis Royal in NS.


I currently do not have a farming or life partner, but am open to either! I have always felt that I don't want to farm alone, and having done so for a few years, know that I would rather farm with another person or people. That may or may not be in a partnership, but may be as farmer/mentee, employer/employee.

Farm vision

I am open to quite a few different visions, based on what I can afford, location, and ability to integrate my young children. I would like to be in a rural area, close to a small town where kids can go to school, library, participate in community events, etc. I would like to have residence either on the farm or close by, with access to year-round water, electricity, tool/machinery storage, greenhouse, on-site.

Relationship with farm owner

The farm owner could be anywhere from a silent partner to involved in the day-to-day activity of the farm, or anywhere in between. I am open to discussion!