Peter Cooper

I am looking to begin a Organic Market Garden near Calgary (preferably outside the city limits) to service the Calgary area.

I am open to many types of arrangements, lease, lease to own, crop share, farm take over from folks looking to retire or easy out of farming. Let me knwo you thoughts.

Also woudl be interested in a small livestock operation.


I've worked in the oil and gas business for years, have experience building and executing business planes successfully.

Since a very young person I enjoyed growing and gardening. It is a hobby of mind to keep a robust gardening in my yard, I am looking to take this hobby of mine and make it into a new business.


In the beginning I will farming alone, getting the assistance of family and friends during times of need (i.e. construction projects, harvesting, etc.). Eventually to have a small season staff and possibly 1-2 full time yer round staff.

Farm vision

Initially for the first 1-2 years to grown on 5-15 acres of land in high and low tunnels, and open air from spring to fall harvest. Using proceeds build a green house to initially start seedlings earlier and to grow a crop of vegetables inside to supplement the summer crop and have a smaller crop in the winter months.

Long term the Market Garden will be supported by 4 pillars of revenue:
1 - Traditional Market Garden: Vegetable Growth (with added perennial Fruit Growth) grown through, seasonal from early spring to fall harvest. seasonal bump in revenue
2 - Greenhouse vegetables and herbs (and seedling starting for Market Garden): year round revenue
3 - Hydroponics herbs and greens: year round revenue
4 - Preserves Sales from various harvests: year round revenue