Angie Dionne

Young Family seeking the opportunity to commence our long time project or producing organic pork.


My husband and I have been farming most of our lives. From Dairy farming to veal, horses, sheep, chickens ect...
My husband is still currently full time on a dairy farm in our area. We have acquired a lot of knowledge over the years regarding several aspects of farming including AI, certified organic and the always emphasize animal health and comfort as a priority.


Our goal is to own our own farm managed by ourselves with our 6 children.

Farm vision

We have put in a place a business plan and are in the process of a start up focusing on raising certified organic pork. Wean to finish. We anticipate to start with 4000 finishing spaces at 2.5 turns per year.

Relationship with farm owner

We are currently seeking a farm that would allow a nutrient management plan to accommodate the amount of pigs expected to raise. Being as we are in a start up phase and have no current capital to offer as security, we are anticipating investors come on board with our endeavor or offer royalties to a farm owner seeking to either lease to own or sell. We understand that our predicament does not come without a certain amount of risk for all involved and are willing to come to a lucrative agreement that would benefit all involved.