Dorota Lukomska

Michael and I are a couple who grow some of the ingredients that we use in our plant-based dishes. We (TRYvegan) sell at the Two Rivers Market, deliver and cater. We are looking for a small house, with green house and shed, on at least 1 acre to grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Fruit and nut trees would be ideal!


Both of us watched our parents and grandparents grow either in their gardens, on a farm. We both love growing things ecologically and have been successful doing so in Canada for the last several years.


We are a 45+ couple that will farm together.

Farm vision

Our vision is to grow clean food to use as medicine. We would love to find a property with mature fruit and nut trees, fertile land with storage and a green house. Perhaps a temporary living structure to store tools or spend a night to start with. We prefer land where no animals are raised for slaughter.

Relationship with farm owner

We are easy going and will cooperate with the landowners. Thank you for considering us!