Anders Erickson

Health researcher who loves gardening and working outdoors,


I am a environmental health researcher by trade, but have a diverse skill set that includes light construction, natural building, and business skills.


My wife and I are looking to lease, lease-to-own or purchase small acreage on south Vancouver Island or Kootenays in the next 5 or so years. She has lots of experience organic vegetable, flower and seed farming and I love to work outside, garden, work on projects and enjoy a rural lifestyle. We both have outside income but would like to develop farm production as a side stream. Basically a small hobby farm business.

Farm vision

We'd love to have small flower, seed and veggie production with primarily farm gate sales and as well as through collaborative marketing models. After years of growing on properties where we have not been able to live full time, having access to housing on the land is very important to us.

Relationship with farm owner

We'd love to steward land for someone with the plan to have autonomy or be able to take on the property as farm land transfer.