Colleen Freake

I'm a 6'2" woman with a big heart. I love plants and people. I feel compelled to nurture people and our planet by growing more plants. My skills are currently mostly around organic vegetable production, but I have a broad range of interests, from perennial crops and permaculture to homesteading and herbal medicine. I've worked on quite a few farms in the Maritimes since 2010 and I'm looking for a place to put down roots and start my business. I'm open to conversations about different land-sharing opportunities, including succession planning and cooperative living.

Farm vision

J-M Fortier style permanent raised bed minimum tillage paired with perennial crops like herbs and diverse orchards. Moving toward tree crops and perennial propagation. Medicinal and culinary herbs. Honeybee hives. Eventually expanding into small animals or minimal large animals for homestead lifestyle. Winter storage crops with high caloric content are a major expansion area but I would start with salad and herbs. I want to grow insects, birds, habitat and participate actively in ecological restoration including human connection to land.