Fallon Wilson

Couple looking for rent/lease to own or mentoring opportunity. Fallon has some farm experience but mostly gardening. Rebecca grew up on farms and has extensive food growing knowledge. We are moving to NS in October of 2017 and looking to get settled.


Rebecca and Fallon are a family with three children who are looking for a future life as self-sustaining farmers/homesteaders.

Rebecca has knowledge as a general contractor, has some farming/outdoorsmanship knowledge and experience working on her grandfathers farm in Minising Ontario and living in the Haliburton Highlands. Rebecca is currently retiring from a leading financial institution(soul sucking job).

Fallon is learning to garden quickly and started an aquaponics system in the house and backyard garden as well as two hugulkultur beds and attended a workshop to learn how to build Rocket mass heaters. She is looking for employment/internship possibilities to increase her skill sets and experience.


Possible partner/farm hands in the future

Farm vision

We hope to build experience farming and learning sustainable agriculture through direct experience with a mentor/employer/internship.

Relationship with farm owner