Alexandra Gajli

Experienced couple looking to relocate to the country.
Lot of experience in farm work.


Knowlage of: biodynamic, key line , hugelkultur, gardening,
Mushroom production, wegatable and fruit growing and preserving
Small tree and bush trimming , wine making , herb preserving , dry , making tinctures, essential oil making , aromatherapy blends making ,
Flower arangements making and flower growing, good in sales etc
Making sausages,


I'll be farming with a partner , his experienced in mushroom growing, farm animals raising , operating some machinery like riding a tractor,
Etc if needed I would employ help for some tasks that need to be done in a short span of time.

Farm vision

I'm looking for pasture so I can have some grazing animals and fowl, if body of water is available it be good to farm some fish . If small plot then gardening would be main asset , if buildings provided mashrooms would be grown . If greenhouses available , salad mix and flowers along with herb would be grown . If orchard available , fruit production and preserving would be done. If big acreage available seed crops would be grown. Anything available would be great as it would be used to our advantage. I'd be greatful and will utilize just abouth anything we could get .

Relationship with farm owner

If someone is looking for a close contact we would use his , her experience to guide us . If person wishes to stay in a distance we will enjoy our privacy , anything is a blessing as long as the person is kind , wize and easy going . Not to bossy or set in their ways that they will impose on us.