Russell Green Osborne

I am a student of sustainable agriculture and I decided long ago that, to leave the contribution I find most rewarding, I needed to be involved in food systems, food production and helping people achieve their farm goals.

I spent my time in school studying the implications of technology an economics on agriculture and my own goal is to find methods and applications of precision agriculture that can be successfully applied to the production systems of local producer.


I have studied sustainable agriculture and precision farming in an academic & research setting for decade which gave me a great understanding of the fundamentals of agriculture. I have experience adapting the emergent precision agriculture technologies for small farm applications.


I would prefer to farm as a sole proprietor while my wife intends to draw an off-farm income. That is if I had the land base to support that sort of lifestyle.

Farm vision

My vision is less about the physical farm, which could be just about anywhere, and instead the way the farm is managed. My vision is a farm managed with data provided by a variety of on-farm technologies to allow the greatest amount of personal control. I

Relationship with farm owner

I would love to develop a working relationship with a farm owner interested in a continuance of the farm lifestyle on their land, with a transfer of ownership that happens over a 5 year plan. This would allow for the greatest benefit to both parties, a transfer of the working knowledge of the land and an economic benefit.