Jonathan McGuire

I'm a man of many talents and Have been fortunate with work and education experience to be able to forward those skills towards opening and operating a market garden and eventually a general store of homegrown and homemade products under the brand of the farm. Incorporating permaculture and biointensive methods of gardening and creating a sustainable environment. With my Horticultural education and 10 years of urban Gardening experience I feel I am ready. I am very energetic and goal focused. Years of working in the food industry has allowed me to make contacts with some of Toronto's leading chefs and caterers. I have experience in home building, concrete form work, industrial and general construction. I've also been a Art Director for HGTV Disaster DIY Cottage edition and Event Coordinator for The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) TV show Million Dollar Neighbourhood -Bowmanville. I also owned a small catering company (One Night Only) which I was the cook, and event coordinator. I have a passion for culinary and baking which allows me to create products from what I grow in my Urban Garden in Toronto. I originally grew up in Sudbury/ Manitoulin Island. At 36 years of age I'm ready to leave the city with all my experience and pour it into my goals of owning and living at a farm. You can probably tell I've have hoped around from career to career and may wonder if this will stick. I always, deep down wanted to farm my whole life but was never truly honest with myself about what I really wanted in life. I don't regret not seeing it earlier. The valuable experienceIve gained and determination to follow a life dream that I've denied myself, ensures I will succeed.


Horticulture diploma, mixed garden skills, raised chickens, have a multitude of experiences from concrete form-work to baking and culinary skills and preserving -to construction renovating and building. I can grow food successfully and have been independently educating myself on farm practices for 4+ years.


No particular partners yet but always open to it.

Farm vision

I have a real hunger to farm and achieve a more back-to-basic" lifestyle working to create a positive healthy environment which nurtures the environment (through permaculture and Biointensive), community, and the soul. Interested in creative, artistic, open-minded, sensitive people as possible partners. I have a vision of a sustainable mixed farm producing/supporting market garden, apiary, possibly even a small rare breed live-stalk - including heritage chickens, sheep. If I can produce a product from the livestock animals without harming or stressing them, then I will consider doing livestock but my main goal will be that from which I grow. I have different phases and a plan to grow the farm business incorporating other local farms and providing sustaining work for people who live and work on the farm.

Relationship with farm owner

The farm owner relationship I am looking for is someone who is willing to help guide me through there experience as farmers and what worked or didn't work for them. I'm pretty independent but open minded. As I'm looking to lease-to-own I would be working towards being financially sustainable within the first few years. Living somewhat near Toronto would allow me to still work in the city if need be to ensure bill are paid. I'm very respectful and would like the same.