Rachel Kastner

I, Rachel, and my husband Jorge are an American, Mexican family with extensive experience in organic vegetable and livestock farming, project management and business creation. We are currently looking to establish a long term relationship working for an organic Canadian farm.

Please see our family history and personal biographies below and let us know if you are interested in starting a conversation about us working on your farm. Thank you for your time reviewing our profile and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our goal gain valuable experience, migrate to Canada and establish an excemplary farm in regenerative agriculture.
Rachel Kastner is a US citizen, born and raised in rural Oklahoma. She is 31 years old. Her passion for agriculture began during a yearlong internship in South Africa after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in International Studies. In South Africa Rachel witnessed the power of local organic food production as an avenue of social and environmental change.

When Rachel returned to the USA in 2010 she worked on a variety of organic farms where she learned how to farm first hand. Rachel worked for two years at Guilford Gardens, a two-acre intensive vegetable market garden with a CSA of 70 members during high season. It was there she learned how to sew seed by hand, weed, harvest, wash, pack and work long hours in the Oklahoma summer sun. She spent a year working as the project coordinator for Closer to Earth, an urban gardening program for at risk youth. During 2010-11 she took 3 courses in at a local collage in sustainable food production and received a Permaculture Design Certificate in a 70 hour course with Scott Pitman of the Permaculture Institute.

In 2011 Rachel worked as field manager for a 150 acre organic vegetable farm and at the same time started her own pastured pork business, Artisan Acres. Rachel met her husband Jorge in 2011 and moved to Central Mexico in 2012. In Mexico she worked as project manager for Via Organica a local farm school educating local farmers in organic and regenerative food production from 2012-2014. In 2015 Rachel and Jorge started their own ecological and organic landscaping company, ECOlogic. After her daughter was born in 2015 Rachel transitioned to working as Network Coordinator for Regeneration International, a network promoting a global transition to regenerative agriculture. Rachel currently works for Regeneration International, helps run her family business Ecologic, gardens in her home vegetable garden and is a full time mother.

Jorge, grew up in a rural community in the mountains of Oaxaca in southern Mexico where he, with his family, grew and foraged much of their food. Jorge has a natural connection and love of plants and animals that stems from his upbringing. Jorge gained many skills working in his twenties, he worked with building projects, sales, and on several farms. He worked on a production dairy farm for 5 years and later worked on a large production vegetable farm focusing where his primary responsibilities included tractor fieldwork, precision tillage, irrigation systems and equipment maintenance. In Mexico Jorge has worked with small to midscale market garden growers, planting, harvesting, making local sales, constructing greenhouses and general farm management. From 2023-2015 he ran an agricultural education program at a local boys orphanage in San Miguel Allende. In 2015 he cofounded ECOlogic Landscaping with Rachel. To date, Jorge is the lead landscaper, designer, and manager for the company. Jorge is an excellent observer of plant health, is an expert in organic pest control and has a great hand working with livestock.

We are looking for a perfect match in a farm where we can establish our family in a local community, work on the farm and further our experience. We hope to establish a long-term relationship working with a farm a possibly start our own farm in the future.

We understand there may be some cost to the employer in arranging proper working visas and we are open to helping cover a portion of the cost of the fees.

Please see our current business website here: https://ecologicsma.com/

Find several articles written by Rachel on regenerative agriculture here:





Rachel - experience in intensive market garden vegetable farm planning and management, sales of fresh produce and meat to local markets, livestock management including: pork, poultry (chickens and turkey), rabbits, goats, and horses. Rachel has a Permaculture Design Certificate and has experience with regenerative farm design and planned grazing and project manament.

Jorge - experienced in farm management systems for livestock and vegetable production. Excellent skills in tractor work and maintenance. Experience in large scale irrigation systems for seasonal crops, crop pest identification and organic controls, compost production, education, and leadership.

Farm vision

We envision working for a regenerative organic farm where we can actively contribute to the growth of the business and gain valuable experience. We are most interested in multispecies, rotational grazing farms that integrate seasonal crops.

Relationship with farm owner

We seek to build a long-term relationship with an organic farm producing seasonal crops and or livestock. We are looking for a rural farm setting with great living space for our family and full-time employment on the farm for Jorge. Rachel currently works online as Network Coordinator for Regeneration International and could potentially work part-time on the farm. We have a 2-year-old daughter. We want to expand our experience as farmers, contribute to the local, organic food movement and raise our daughter in contact with nature.