Killoran Moore

I live in Victoria, BC - growing cut flowers in urban yards. I sell to florists, "bulk" buckets for DIY brides/events, and through a flower subscription

I have a very small amount of space and without venturing into design work, which I am not comfortable doing just yet, it is hard to make enough money. There has been a lot of interest and offers of land, but they're either too far for my current location or don't have access to water.

I'd love to have more space, but I'll have to move to get it -- housing for myself, my husband, and toddler is also on the list. Two acres or less is ideal, BC, NS, or PEI.


I currently grow cut flowers in Victoria, using urban yards -- I am selling to florists and designers, "bulk" buckets to DIY brides/events, and through a flower subscription (like CSA).


Alone - heavy lifting done by my husband, compost tea spraying by my toddler.

Farm vision

I want to grow and sell specialty cut flowers - a large variety, using organic methods, starting small as flowers planted intensively provide a large amount of product and are a lot of work. Agriculture is about more than what you eat - it's about land stewardship and feeding the soil. Flowers are great for that (and bringing in pollinators for food crops).

Relationship with farm owner

I'm looking to lease a small plot of land, preferably with housing. I'm open to almost anything that will give me access to land and housing, really.