Krystle Wnuk

I have a one year old son and a passion for food security. I come from a long line of farmers, with the current family farm back east practicing conventional monocrop agriculture. I feel compelled to live in an ecological way, and it is my purpose to heal the land around me. I wish to transition out of the city with my scattered garden plots and have a lifestyle that supports early learning for my child and gives him the lifelong skill of food growing. I want to build a greenhouse and an aquaponic system and grow year round for income, and host permaculture workshops.


I ran a house painting business as a sole proprietor in 2011-2012 under guidance of a business mentor, aimed at young entrepreneur development. I took care of all aspects of the business and understand how to build a financially viable small business. I have completed a Permaculture Design Course early 2015 in Costa Rica, studying under Scott Pittman. I am currently taking a second certification at Langara under Delvin Solkinson, and once finished with this certification I will be pursuing my Diploma through the Permaculture Research Institute with a focus on teaching. I have worked at a garden nursery, coordinating workshops for all ages with a focus on children, for two years. I have also worked on a few small farms and been mentored by farmers throughout my travels to Hawaii, Costa Rica and North America. I have natural building and ecovillage experience from interning for a season at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri. I am passionate about food security and teaching others, with a primary focus on providing for my family. I currently have a design and consulting business and am working on a food forest project for my clients.


I have a young son, and my partner has a young daughter. We are focussed on living a farm lifestyle and teaching our children. In order to avoid putting the kids in daycare followed by public school, we are looking to create multiple income streams on a farm. We both have experience and passion for this way of life, for healing the landscapes around us.

Farm vision

An integrated food forestry system with a market garden section capable of withstanding a shifting climate and focussing on native and heirloom varieties for biodiversity and resilience. I envision a diverse tree crop inter planted with medicinal and edible species.

Relationship with farm owner

I am open to the right partnership with people who understand or share a similar vision, and with whom I can create an interdependent community business connection with. I have large aspirations for community living, for teaching children these vital skills, and ideally would love to be mentored by an older couple/farmer(s) and have a lease-to-own or long term situation.