Melanie Burrett

I'm an avid herb and vegetable gardener who is getting into beekeeping. Since I can't keep them in my backyard I'm getting creative...


This past spring (2016), I took a beginner beekeeping course, and I have been educating myself thoroughly. I have been growing a vegetable garden in my backyard for the last 20 years, and I am currently registered and participating in the Urban Agriculture Certificate program offered through the University of Guelph. I also completed the Young Entrepreneur program offered in Guelph (about 15 years ago). I have had a table selling homemade soap at a couple local 'medieval faires' over the years.


I have one friend who is interested in helping me with my bees, but this isn't going to be a large operation by any means.

Farm vision

I am not looking for a farm, actually. What I am hoping to find is a quiet, accessible corner of a field to keep some bees.

Relationship with farm owner

I'm quite self-sufficient, but happy to chat. We can talk about what a reasonable price would be for rent.