Tunde Miko

I am a healthy 49year old female, from Sweden but have lived here now for 20 years. I am married with two sons, 21 and 13.
I am looking to change my career/life style to something that makes sense as this rat race (work downtown Toronto) is really not for me and hasn't been for a while.
I am interested in learning to raise livestock, especially goats, chickens (had some backyard chickens a while back) and maybe pigs. Eventually, I would love to move to my own farm but I know I have some learning to do where it comes to raising and keeping animals, besides chickens. I have grown vegetables for markets a few years back, but stopped as I had full time job as well and couldn't do both. Kept growing for personal use. I am now seeing an end to my job and I would love to make a permanent move to a healthier way of living.


Advanced Excel skills, trend analysis, organic farming practise, multi-tasking,


With husband

Farm vision

Looking for an acre to farm on 1/4 acre at first and then expand, and keep chickens and be able to move them around in a chicken tractor on the remaining acreage.

Relationship with farm owner

Happy to learn new skills if they want to teach, willing to help out if help is needed.