Jesse & Dale Money

Hello! It is good to meet you.
Our names are Jesse Money and Dale Galway. We are a couple of 4 years and we are looking to partner up with someone who has land for us to farm. We are looking to become organic/ecological farmers with the priority of our mission being the regeneration of the Earth. We believe that one must create a healthy living soil, and the crops will follow; in abundance. We have been trying to make this dream of ours a reality. We are currently in the position to buy our own farm, but we feel like our experience isn't quite up to that level.

Both Jesse and Dale are looking to practice growing a market garden (Elliot Coleman/Richard Perkins style) and we are interested in farming pasture raised chicken and forest raised pigs.
With regards to the market garden, we would only need 1-2 acres to practice this effectively. We would be using a two-wheeled tractor (BCS) and hand tools. We believe that with less tillage the structure of the soil can keep its integrity (and its microorganisms alive). Another benefit of this way of farming is that due to the lack of tractor compaction of the soil and the use of a broadfork, the vegetables can shoot their roots straight down versus sideways. Therefore we can actually plant the vegetables closer together and we need less land and fossil fuel to do it.
We are also looking to raise some livestock - being chickens and pigs. We would like to try using chicken tractors and moving the chickens every day. This allows for the chickens to be on fresh grass daily making them much healthier birds. As for the pigs, we believe that forest raising them is the best way to go. It is their natural habitat and it is quite easy to manage with a solar electric fencing system.
Whether you only have room for us to try our hand at a market garden, or just the livestock, we are willing to try either or both.

We are passionate people looking to start an organic farm.
Help us make this dream into a reality!


Just to put this out there, we are fairly new at this. However, we are 100% certain that we will make good farmers and that we can become successful doing this. Its just - we need a place to practice.

Dale has just completed an internship at an organic farm. There she learned a lot about what farming is like. She learned about the various stages of the season - from planting to harvesting to selling at local markets and to CSA members. She mainly focused on the vegetable side of things.

Jesse too has a love for farming. He is also very skilled in carpentry and building various things. He spent the summer putting together greenhouses. His handy skills are an asset; he could help regenerate infrastructure - if that is what you're looking for.


Jesse and Dale will be working as partners and coworkers, feeding off of each others experience and.... you know, cheering each other on.

Farm vision

Our farm vision is to eventually create (because regeneration takes time) a self sustaining ecological farm. We would really like to start an organic market garden on about 1-2 acres and also humanely raise livestock for ourselves and others. We would like to sell locally at farmer's markets and eventually create a CSA.

Relationship with farm owner

We are open to anything - really, anything.
If somehow we can partner up with someone who likes what we want to do that would be ideal. Whether it is a farmer with extra land looking for someone to farm it or a retired farmer looking for someone to farm their land while they live on it.
Give us an email, a call, a text.
We are excited to start this!