Sunny Pai

I am a full-time Hypnotist in Markham and I love to grow organic Veggies and flowers. I have spent many years leading a 1092-people-group on Facebook about how "to grow your own organic backyard veggies."
I have studies not only how to grow veggies and also how to exchange veggies with others.
I am planning to buy a farm and grow my own veggies for a retreat centre used. I am going to run a retreat centre as my next life style.


I wish the previous owner can help me at the beginning or he can rent to for few years.

Farm vision

It's going to be a self-supply centre. Everyone who came to join my retreat can also participate in framing as part of the learning.
Farming, meditation, Yoga and study group are the major of my business. I hope to start a future home for myself and for people who are seeking a healthy life style.

Relationship with farm owner

I wish the previous owner can help me in the beginning years or as long as he can.
At the same time, I can focus on learning how to farm.