Stefan Prisecaru

I am a 22 year old second oldest of 11 children with a Romanian background currently living in the Waterloo Region. I immigrated from Romania in 2003 when I was just 8 years old. After high school I went on to complete college and graduated with an Advance Diploma in the field of Civil Engineering Technology and currently am employed for a local Civil Design Services as a Civil Engineering Technologist.


Since the only farming has been raising a few chickens every few years and the maintenance of small gardens around the house I grew up on I cannot say I am experienced in farming and the only business experience is bookkeeping for my parents flooring installation company. However, I believe that my desire and the fact that I come from a country that is still developing I have experience in preserving what we have and using resources efficiently. Moreover, I believe I could contribute with skills and knowledge I have as being the second oldest of 11 children such as always being in charge of others around me and having high standards of integrity and honesty since others are looking up to me.


I am planning to farm alone, but since I am the second oldest of 11 children I would like to have my siblings with me as much as I can so they can learn with me.

Farm vision

I personally see that we need more younger people in the farming industry to keep what farming has always been, to keep that connection between the farmers and the community. I find that as new generations come the importance a farm has to our lives is diminished.

Relationship with farm owner

Since I am young and I cannot purchase a farm right away I would like to have a mentor relationship with a farm owner almost like the relationship between a father and son since I want to be able to learn as much as I can as well as stay as close as I can to the roots of farming.