Catrina Procaccini

Greetings, I am a first generation Filipina Canadian settler and soon to be new farmer on unceded Lil'Wat Nation Territory (Pemberton, BC). I am a recent Gaia College graduate of the Master Organic Gardener Certificate Program. I grew up on Coast Salish Territories in East Vancouver and have settled in many semi rural communities all over BC including Port Alberni, Cranbrook, and Langley over the past 20 years. I studied Human Rights at Carleton University in Ottawa, Algonquin Territory. The past 20 years I have also been involved in decentralized, grassroots, community based organizations focused on food sovereignty and food security, decolonization, anti-poverty, and transformative justice approaches to interpersonal violence. I have been focused mainly on learning and practicing organic small scale farming techniques while discovering new ways to support First Nations communities in achieving decolonization and reconcilliation for the harms of systemic colonial violence. One of my many aspirations is to first establish myself and my partner as reliable local suppliers of organicly grown annuals and perenial edible and ornamental flowers, vegetables, herbs, and free range eggs. By utilizing a permaculture market garden system approach, I hope to prove that farmers don't have to limit themselves to conventional farming practices to achieve high yeilds at the expense of ecological sustainability and social responsibility.