Roy Renneberg

54 years of age. Grew up on a mixed farm in Sask. Worked in construction for 36 years. Time for a change before retirement.
I am currently renting some land from a relative south east of Sherwood Park. We are in transition of being certified organic with OAPA. We have hayed the rented land for 4 years now and recently broke the hay land to plant industrial hemp next year (2018).


Helped manage a construction business for over 25 years.



Farm vision

My plan is to grow organic crops (starting with hemp) to help feed the world with pure clean food free of chemicals and artificial fertilizers.

Hemp is a crop that is a miracle plant. The whole plant use is absolutely amazing. Strange that govt's stopped people from growing so many years ago. Obviously a big business agenda was against hemp because of profits needed in other sectors of business.

It is my belief that cancer in humans is a direct result of the intensive farming practices of many conventional farms operating today. We need to change that for generations to come after us.