Tamara Salmon

I own a large herd of goats for invasive plant and weed control. In my second season I have a clearer vision of where I want to go long term in the business and am seeking a permanent winter home and shoulder season opportunity. I am mature, honest and hardworking and am looking forward to developing good long term working relationships.


Our goat operation requires 24/7 supervision as we have guardian dogs, herding dogs and a couple of horses. Therefore, someone is always on site. At the moment I am sharing that responsibility with my right hand man, my 23 year old son. We are a great team. I am currently operating as a sole proprietor and hire contract employees as needed.

Farm vision

My farm vision is really centered around complimentary services. I believe my goat operation would work well with cattle and multi-species grazing opportunities. Being aware also of the immense work and commitment it takes to run a farm I am a firm believer in the phrase "many hands make light work". I am seeking a space to increase my herd to enter the meat market and a base from which to run my weed control company.

Relationship with farm owner

I am hoping to develop an open minded honest relationship with a farm owner willing to experiment and try new methods. A long term relationship that is stable and progressive and positive is a high priority.