Christine Senior

We are a family of 4, soon to be 5! We're recovering from consecutive job losses and 3 very hard years. As we've worked our way through these hard times, we've learned how vulnerable we (and others) are when we dependent on others for all things. I currently run a small business making home made, all natural soaps, lotions, bath bombs in addition to cloth products like blankets, pillows with custom embroidery in addition to my full time job.

My spouse works full time as a gas/water tech in the HVAC industry. He also has experience with general contracting, framing and drywall as well as a variety of other trades, including oil rigs!

We are looking for a smallish farm to lease long term and develop as a both a homestead and business with plans to market at Farmer's Market and weekly food basket subscription program that offers fresh, in season produce as well as other additions like fresh bread, eggs, butter, buttermilk, baked goods, fresh herbs and a potential for meat like chicken, beef or pork as we progress in our plans and goals.

Currently, we can be described as urban backyard farmers with dreams of much more!


Both my self and my spouse have been (and I am still am) small business owners with strong management, planning and book keeping skills. Our farming experience is limited due to our current urban setting. Our book knowledge is extensive as we have done considerable research and planning while seeking the property of our dreams.


This will be a family venture. As we grow, the potential to hire a part time farm hand exists in 3-5 years.

Farm vision

Long term, we would like our farm to be self-sustaining, producing more than we consume, environmentally conscious and a long term part of the community.

Relationship with farm owner

We're looking for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. Long term is key as we're seeking stability. We would welcome a hands on land owner who could mentor/advise as we progress but we are also willing to take responsibility for the land and buildings in a more hands off arrangement.

We would hope to keep the initial leasing costs as low as possible and schedule periodic lease reviews throughout the term. Options include a share of produce or free food basket weekly, bartering/trade, and assuming all maintaince/repairs necessary to housing/outbuildings and land.