seth sikma

Hi, Im Seth Sikma.
Ive been working in the agriculture business most of my life and have currently got more into the smaller and more practical idea of hobby farming.
With everyone working together I believe we can make a huge impact in our own life and those lives we connect with and through our everyday work.

As of right now I'm looking to learn a lot more about rotating crops, composting, livestock, flowers, bees and pollination, market gardening etc. Hoping to live and work on a farm I'm willing to relocate to make this happen.

Hobbies: Reading, skateboarding, painting/drawing, cooking, gardening, canning, making hand/body salve, canning food (jams, pickles, relish etc), playing guitar, being outdoors, knitting, writing and more.

Attributes: Knowledgeable working with animals and plants, hard working, fast paced, work with heavy equipment, strong.
"Work smart, not hard"

Please send me a message so we can make this work and talk about living and working arrangements.