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593 resources
Prevention and Management of Apple Maggot in Commercial Apple Orchards in British Columbia

A factsheet on apple maggot as it impacts commercial orchards in BC. Covers hosts, life cycle, damage, monitoring and management....

Practical Poultry Production

A good overview and introduction to all things poultry. Presented by Michael Darre, Professor & Extension Poultry Specialist, at the...

Powdery Mildew of Greenhouse Peppers

A factsheet on powdery mildew as it impacts greenhouse peppers. Covers distribution, susceptible crops, symptoms, disease cycle and disease management....

Powdery Mildew and Humid Conditions

A factsheet on powdery mildew and how it flourishes in humid conditions. Covers host crops, biology, symptoms, scouting techniques, control...

Powdery Mildew and Field Peas

A factsheet on powdery mildew and how it impacts field peas. Covers host crops, biology, symptoms, scouting techniques, control tips...

Pollinator Management for Organic Seed Producers

This new publication aids organic seed producers in understanding the role and diversity of seed crop pollinators, as well as...

Poisioning of Livestock by Plants

A factsheet on plants poisonous to  livestock. Presents an overview of classifications of poison and other types of poisoning or...

Poisioning of Horses by Plants

A factsheet on plants that can poison horses. Presents an  overview of poison hemlock, bracken fern, horsetail, buttercup, saint John's...


A factsheet on redroot, green and smooth pigweed. Covers description, distribution, biology, economic impact and control. Includes images.

Organic Pepper Seed Production Guide

This manual covers five species of peppers. Covers plant requirements, characteristics, isolation distances, harvest timing, seed production and extraction methods,...

Pasture Management and Meat Quality

Each year more and more livestock producers are finishing their cattle, lamb, and goats on pasture. Although there’s a tremendous...

Pastured Poultry Production and Profitability

Learn the basics of pastured poultry production as well as common advantages and pitfalls of getting started in the business.