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596 resources
Organic Seed Processing and Storage

This manual covers the principles and practices of seed processing. Covers seed harvesting, extraction, processing, drying, storage, longevity, dormancy, seed...

On-Farm Stored Grain Management: Stored-Grain Insects

A factsheet on scouting technniques for stored-grain insects and a table of Insect Management Strategies for Farm-Stored Grain.

On-Farm Stored Grain Management: Insect Management for Farm-Stored Grain

A factsheet on strategies essential for controlling insects in stored grain. Covers sanitation and management strategies.

Growing Vegetables and Fruit without Irrigation

This webinar discusses site selection, dry farming tools and techniques for orchard and row crops, soil hydrological principals, and the...

Grazing Systems and Forage Quality of Grasses for Organic Dairy Production

In this webinar, Brad Heins describes a multi-year grazing project  aimed at enhancing in-field and landscape level species diversity of...

Grafting Tomatoes for Organic Open Field and High Tunnel Production

In this webinar, David Francis of Ohio State University shares his research findings and experience from an integrated organic program...

Variety and Seeding Rate Effects on Competition in Organically Grown Spring Cereals 

Research results comparing seeding rates of direct crop varieties on weed control.

Trimming Sheep & Goat Hooves

A great video clip visually demonstrating how to trim sheep and goat hooves.

Tools for Small-Scale Crop Production

This webinar focuses on tools and techniques for small-scale crop production. Andy Pressman discusses the importance of investing in good...

Soil Surveys of Ontario

Provides soil surveys for the different counties in Ontario to download. Printed maps can also be ordered

Putting a Hand on Them – How to Tell When Your Lamb is Finished

If you raise lambs, you know the importance of harvesting your animals at exactly the right time. Lambs that are...

Organic Specialist Toll-free Line

Call 1-800-245-8341 or email to talk to an organic specialist. Leave a detailed voice message or email with your...