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596 resources
SOIL’s Apprenticeship Manual

A comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your apprenticeship. This guide covers making an arrangement, teaching ideas and...

Simple Recordkeeping System for Fruit and Vegetable Production

During this webinar, Rick Hartman (Small Potatoes Farm) will share how he manages product and financial record keeping, and how...

Scale and Profitability: The Right Fit for Two Vegetable Farms

This webinar presents two seasoned CSA farmers discussing their process of bringing together the infrastructure needed for a viable small...

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

SCIC provides local service to Saskatchewan producers and continues to focus on its progress to meet the changing needs of...

Sample Policies for Co-operatives 

Although dated, this document presents over fifty pages of sample policy statements co-operatives may want to consider. A great resource...

Revenue Projections and Profit Potential of Grass-Based Livestock

This webinar showcases experienced livestock farmers sharing their record keeping and grazing planning systems.

Profitable Recordkeeping: Simple Strategies for Keeping Better Records

Designed with farm profitability in mind, this webinar will focus on how to track expenses and income, and collect data...

Positive Practices in Farm Labour Management 

This document goes through ten positive practices highlighting a broad range of positive labor practices—including many that are no-cost or...

Planning and Using Cost of Production

MAFRD economist, Roy Arnott, takes us through the online spreadsheets MAFRD offers and makes the case that these should part...

Plan Your Farm

This portal guides you through tutorials, videos, worksheets and self-assessments to help develop farm plans.

Pivot and Grow

Pivot and Grow is a program of the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative with excellent resources on organic advantage, what to...

New Farm Start-Up Guide: A Guide to Starting and Growing A Small or Medium Sized Farm Business in British Columbia

A guidebook for new farm start-ups in BC covers goal setting (interest, skill assessment, traits of success, resource inventory), marketing...