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596 resources
Organic Carrot, Onion, and Beet Seed Maturation and Harvest

This article presents an overview of assessing maturation of beet, carrot and onion seed crops as well as harvesting techniques...

Organic Apple Production – A Beginner’s Guide

This webinar presents what's involved in profitable organic apple production, and how to assess if it is a sector fit...

Nova Scotia Hops Blog

This website provides short, brief, conversational observations on issues impacting the production of hops crops.

Making Organic Small Grains Work on Your Farm

An overview of growing small scale organic grains for existing agricultural producers. Covers soil health, nutrient management, weeds, disease and...

Making Good Use of Organic Crop Rotations

This article lys out in simple terms the effectiveness of crop rotation on weed management and soil fertility.

Intensive Grazing

A series of nine videos exploring one farm's set up from sizing, fencing, water systems, animal health and more.

Integrating Pastured Poultry Production into Farming Operations and Marketing 

Learn about integrating pastured poultry into an existing operation from one successful farmer.

Integrated Pest Management Overview

An overview information about integrated pest management with a variety of pests and crops. Includes the six elements of integrated...

Insect Factsheets

A series of factsheets that cover identification and monitoring of potentially damaging and beneficial insects in crops grown in Manitoba

Grain Online Resources

Alternative feed, customer bailing operator, custom trucking, grain storage, and hay listings.

Getting Started in Dairy Farming

Listen in as two beginning farmers, Kevin Dietzel and John Gilbert, share their experiences starting a dairy farm. Learn about...

Wooly Apple Aphid

A factsheet on wooly apple aphid. Covers description, biology, damage,  monitoring and control. Includes images.