Farmland south of Ottawa

Manotick - North Gower, Ontario, Canada

2-5 acres


  • Opportunity available:
  • Business partnership
  • Lease
  • Available facilities and equipment:
  • Irrigation capacity
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Other
  • Fencing
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Preferred arrangement model:
  • Partnership
  • Lease
  • Available acreage:
  • 2-5 acres
  • Soil type on farm:
  • Loam
  • Sandy loam
  • Current farming practices:
  • Ecological production, but not certified
  • Other_P
  • Current land use:
  • Fallow
  • Vegetables
  • Field crops
  • Preferred farming experience for farmer:
  • No preference
  • Current or past farm business owner
  • Studied agriculture at a post-secondary institution
  • Practical farming experience (including work as a farm intern or employee)
  • Other experience
  • Grew up on a farm in Canada
  • Grew up on a farm outside of Canada
  • Desired farming practices by a new farmer:
  • No preference
  • Ecological production but not certified
  • Conventional
  • Certified organic
  • Agricultural products I am interested being cultivated on my property:
  • Flowers
  • Field crops (grains or beans)
  • Fruit/berries/grapes
  • Herbs
  • Hay or forage
  • Seeds, seedlings or nursery stock
  • Vegetables
  • Years experience of new farmer:
  • 3-5 years
  • 1-2 years

Farm description

3 acres of prime farmland 20 minutes south of the city. Farmland is free from any chemical sprays for the last 5 years. It is flat, good loamy top soil and ready to be put in production. Ideally for greenhouse, and CSA. It has year around paved road access, water source at property line, Hydro line at the front of the property. south east facing. Open for long term, 5 year or longer, arrangements. Property is not available for sale.

Farm opportunity

lease or partnership or machinery sharing.