Old River Farm

Glencoe, Ontario, Canada


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Farm description

Old River Farm is a partnership of Mary Simpson and Ross Snider and one hub in a network of innovation, people, and positive energy working towards a healthy, rejuvenating water cycle of flow waters to the Thames. Our friends, family, and community enjoy the Old River Farm. This land enhances the health of the people who spend time here. Mission: The Old River Farm practices regenerative agriculture Domain The Old River Farm manages 200 acres near the mouth of the Newbiggin Creek. We actively care for the water cycle, soil web, pollinators, and wildlife by practicing agriculture in a way that mimics nature. We care for 90 acres of deep ravines and river flats that are susceptible to erosion and flooding. There are three types of activities on the Old River Farm: farming, research, and hospitality (learning and education). Vision of the Old River Farm We dream of a world where people have control and access to land where they can grow food, learn, and care for the natural world. The Old River Farm offers a place where we can regenerate agriculture by taking a holistic approach to food production that uses—and creates—social, cultural, economic and environmental knowledge to promote food sovereignty, social justice, economic sustainability, and healthy agricultural ecosystems. This farm has been owned by the descendants of John and Elizabeth Simpson for five generations. Anyone of those generations could have sold the farm but it remains in the family to this day. Looking forward to the next 7 generations, Mary and Ross want this farm to stay local - stewarded by the people who live here.

Farm opportunity

Land Stewardship and Regenerative Agriculture along the Thames River: Growing food, learning, and caring for the natural world Aims: Learning how to farm in nature’s form. Increasing the biology in the field and building soils. increasing local biodiversity, Helping connect people to the land and each other. strengthening self-governance locally Sharing knowledge Securing access and control over the commons (seeds, land, waters, knowledge, and culture): Embracing the aims of agroecology: Growing food and agricultural products in a way that mimics nature Sharing knowledge Building solidarity between producers and consumers empowering local communities Reducing costly inputs Helping build direct and fair distribution chains Using technologies and production practices that are adapted to the local context Securing access and control over the commons (seeds, land, waters, knowledge, and culture). Increasing community self-sufficiency and strengthening rural economies. Understanding that life and Mother Nature cannot be commodified. We have hosted many people through https://www.workaway.info/. These guests are passing through: learning skills, exchanging culture, bringing the world to our doorstep. Through Farmlink, we hope to connect with new farmers that would stay longer.