Poultry Farm Labourer

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada


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Farm description

We are dedicated to raise poultry to produce table eggs for the BC market

Farm opportunity

Company: Conation Farms Ltd. Business information: We are dedicated to raise poultry to produce table eggs for the BC market Business Address: 1292 Clearbrook Rd., Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5X3 Work Location: Three different farms: 1292, 1219 and 1224 Clearbrook Rd., Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5X3 Type of Employment: Full time - Permanent Estimated Start Date: As soon as possible Job Description: • Monitoring animal health • Feed and tend animals • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment. Responsible for general maintenance of equipment, including greasing and lubing packers and fans • Clean barns and pens • Detect disease and health problems in poultry • Examine produce for quality and prepare for market. Assist with the monitoring egg size, quality, and production lay rates • Write daily basic progress reports. Record stats and daily egg production records • Set and monitor water lines, air flow and temperature in barns, and chicken coops • Gather the eggs • Respond to emergency calls • Solve problems or issues that may arise with the birds and eggs • Maintain periodically the chicken facilities. Responsible for the general cleanliness of the farm (inside and out) driveways, windows and hallways • Monitoring and replenishing inventory levels and notifying management of any issues • Ensure quality product is produced by removing all rejects as required • Provide updates to management of concerns/issues/events as required • Follow all implemented biosecurity and animal welfare practices and procedures Requirements: - Education: Not required - Experience: Experience is an asset. On-the-job training will be provided - Must be able to work in a dirty and very dusty environment while inside the chicken barns and manure storage - Must be able to work in an environment of very unpleasant odors produced from chicken excrements within the manure storage and the surrounding areas of the farms - Must not have any type of allergies to the materials used within and around the bird barns/pens/farms; e.g. Hay and woodchip products used on the barns/pens floor for bedding, chicken feathers, and chicken feces / acidic odors. - Must be able to work under varying temperatures in the bird barns/pens and pasture area - Required to work in closed areas with the confines of the farms bird barns/pens Personal Suitability: Organized, team player Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Repetitive tasks, physically demanding, Combination of sitting, standing, walking, Bending, crouching and kneeling Work site environment: outdoors, confined spaces, noisy, odors, dusty Salary: $14.60 - $16.60 per hour, 40 hours per week Benefits: We will provide appropriate personal safety equipment for the job. Accommodation provided at a discounted rate and travel expenses covered if the worker needs to relocate. Important Information: Flexibility is required. Work schedule is 5 days per week that could include weekends or holidays with 2 days off on a rotational basis. Shift is usually from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM but it may vary depending on our business’ needs. On call work might be needed. Apply by e-mail to: conationfarms@gmail.com Apply by mail: 1292 Clearbrook Rd., Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5X3