25+ Acre Lease Opportunity for Ecological Production

Schomberg, Ontario, Canada

25-50 acres


  • Opportunity available:
  • Business partnership
  • Lease
  • Available facilities and equipment:
  • Housing
  • Irrigation capacity
  • Fencing
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Preferred arrangement model:
  • Lease
  • Available acreage:
  • 25-50 acres
  • Soil type on farm:
  • Current farming practices:
  • Ecological production, but not certified
  • Current land use:
  • Livestock
  • Hay or pasture
  • Woodlot
  • Preferred farming experience for farmer:
  • Desired farming practices by a new farmer:
  • Certified organic
  • Ecological production but not certified
  • Agricultural products I am interested being cultivated on my property:
  • Years experience of new farmer:

Farm description

Are you interested in leasing for gardening, woodlot usage, raising livestock, and/or growing crops? This is an opportunity to do this just north of Toronto. Farmer is interested in leasing land and/or barn facilities to individuals who will farm in an ecological manner.

Farm opportunity

Leasing opportunity of paddocks with automatic heated water bowls and wooden, electric fencing, as well as woodlot currently being tree farmed, and potential for leasing of barn facilities and farm equipment associated with hay farming.