Austin Haines

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  • Ontario
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  • Nova Scotia
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We are a young couple interested in community, permaculture/ regenerative agriculture and homesteading. We hope that the opportunity we find allows us to build new skills that would enhance our existing knowledge of what is needed for a happy self sufficient life.


Maya and Austin have each completed an undergraduate degree from Trent University, Maya in Indigenous studies and English literature, and Austin in philosophy. The two of us enjoy camping, hiking, spending time with our dog and cat, learning, moving, and generally enjoying a healthy natural environment. Austin's skills/interests: Sourdough bread making, spoon carving, textile crafts, joinery and timber framing, gardening Maya's skills/interests: Yoga and meditation, music, good with horses (and some other livestock), gardening, baking, organization and managing a business


We will be working together.

Farm Vision

To find a place where we can live as well as work to improve the land around us, additionally contributing to our community in whatever ways are possible and valuable.

Relationship with Farm Owner

We are interested in collaboration/ mentorship or working independently.