Jon and Sarah

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  • Looking for a farm in:
  • Alberta
  • Number of years farming:
  • 3-5 years
  • Farming experience
  • I have practical farming experience (including work as a farm intern or employee)
  • Other experience
  • Agricultural products:
  • Livestock
  • Planned marketing strategies:
  • Other marketing strategies
  • Wholesale
  • Land needed:
  • 50 acres or more
  • Facilities and equipment:
  • Housing
  • Planned farming practices:
  • Conventional
  • Other practices


Mr. Jones has his Red Seal Certificate obtained at SIAST in Saskatoon and is currently employed with Specialty Pump & Power. He is the shop manager and helps run the company. Mr. Jones has 5 years’ experience as Lead hired help for a Buffalo and Cattle farm, and has strong knowledge and experience from raising cattle right to the cut and wrap process, as well as complete farm maintenance. Mrs. Jones is currently working in the field of Social Work, has over 2 years of extensive experience working as a Quality Control technician in a Meat Processing Plant, while working alongside CFIA. Mrs. Jones also has 6 years of University in the Education field.


Jonathon and Sarah Jones have experience with Social Media Marketing and have undergone weeks and months of extensive training. This has provided them with the necessary skills needed to advertise and bring exposure to new products and services. Jonathon worked 5 years as a lead hand of a Bison farm. Jon's duties included but not limited to building fences, feeding, butchering, and packaging the Bison meat. Sarah Jones worked alongside CFIA for two years in a meat processing plant, working as a Quality Control Technician. This provided Sarah with the necessary skills needed to understand and complete processing an animal from start to finish. Sarah has in-depth knowledge of how to ensure cleanliness and quality are to the highest standards, which include sampling and testing the meat for various diseases and bacteria and sending the products to several testing facilities throughout Canada. Furthermore, ensuring temperatures were to code when storing carcass and meat products, preparing them for shipment throughout the world. It was crucial to ensure that euthanizating was performed in a humane and timely fashion while reporting any deficiencies to CFIA and rectifying the problem. Sarah has experience with shipping, packaging, and the boning of meat.


Jonathon and Sarah will be the primary workers for Jones Ostrich Farm. Once the farm is up running, the most experienced hands will be hired, with ongoing training to ensure quality is to the highest standard.

Farm Vision

We would like to get into the ostrich farming industry, with a goal of 10,000 birds per year. Our biggest goal is to target the North American market, marketing, advertising and providing ostrich meat to the general public and retailers.

Relationship with Farm Owner

We are looking for mentorship and land to start our dream.