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  • Looking for a farm in:
  • Ontario
  • Number of years farming:
  • 6-10 years
  • Farming experience
  • I have practical farming experience (including work as a farm intern or employee)
  • I have studied agriculture at a post-secondary institution
  • I am, or have been, a farm business owner
  • Agricultural products:
  • Livestock
  • Planned marketing strategies:
  • Farmers markets or farm stand
  • Other marketing strategies
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Restaurant sales
  • Land needed:
  • 10-25 acres
  • 5-10 acres
  • 25-50 acres
  • Facilities and equipment:
  • Housing
  • Fencing
  • Other facilities
  • Planned farming practices:
  • Certified organic
  • Ecological production, but not certified


Hi, my name is Meg and I am a first generation farmer looking for land to rent/lease to start my micro goat dairy. I am currently farming on an incubator farm producing organic pastured pork and growing my Nubian dairy goat herd. I will be producing artisanal goat milk cheeses and yogurt from a small creamery that is contained in a 40' shipping container. The creamery will essentially be mobile to accommodate the fact that I have yet to find a permanent location for my farm business. I am searching for an arrangement that ideally has housing on site, a barn, a healthy mixed acreage of pasture and forests, fencing would be an asset but I also have temporary fencing. I am looking to stay somewhere for 1-2 years or longer if things work for both parties. I am also open to succession options if the opportunity presents. As far as my experience, I have been farming since 2015 for other farmers. I started in mixed farming with vegetables and livestock production for a number of years at different farms in Ontario and then honed in on dairy animals and on farm production as my passion. I have worked for various conventional, organic and raw dairy farms for 3+ years, while always having the goal of starting my own dairy. While I have primarily worked with dairy cows, due to Canada's quota system it is almost impossible for me to enter into legal cow dairy production and raw milk is far too risky! The solution? Goat Dairy! Goats also make more sense for me as I am a landless farmer and goats require less land base, less equipment, they can graze on the "less desirable land", and require no quota. I will need access to water lines, electricity and somewhere to place my container creamery near to these sources. I would be happy to provide more information about my business and myself, if this opportunity sounds right for you and your farm, please reach out! I am trying to secure a place for the early spring of 2023, or sooner. Thanks for reading, Meg