wing hin

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  • Looking for a farm in:
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Number of years farming:
  • 1-2 years
  • Farming experience
  • I have practical farming experience (including work as a farm intern or employee)
  • I have studied agriculture at a post-secondary institution
  • Agricultural products:
  • Fruit/berries/grapes
  • Livestock
  • Hay or forage crops
  • Seeds, seedlings or nursery stock
  • Planned marketing strategies:
  • Commodity markets
  • Farmers markets or farm stand
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Restaurant sales
  • Wholesale
  • Land needed:
  • 25-50 acres
  • 50 acres or more
  • Facilities and equipment:
  • Housing
  • Irrigation capacity
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Fencing
  • Planned farming practices:
  • Ecological production, but not certified


Recently graduated from Diploma of Agricultural Management (Production Major) at Olds College in Alberta. Seeking opportunities in the agricultural industry where I can utilize my experience in regenerative agriculture, knowledge in animal nutrition and rations, and interest in pasture animals to restore soil health and more importantly human health. Hope to start my farm business to serve the community in a agroforestry hog mixed farm, and reverse the climate crisis with the forestry ability and fertilising capability from livestocks. A year of organic mixed crop farming practice on permaculture and regenerative agriculture. Experimental and analytical mindset to justify data and observations, as well as creative to try out solutions. Experienced Web Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Market Research, Marketing, User Experience. Strong business professional with a BBA honour focused in Information Systems and e-Business Management from Hong Kong Baptist University.


5 years of project management in IT business web development projects, familiar with feasible roadmap planning and strategic weekly tasks planning. 1 year of market gardening at hong kong's farmers market and basic social media management (facebook, instagram, mailchimp). crops varies from brassicas, melons, squash, and beans. varies fruit tree planting, thinning and harvesting experience in hong kong and new zealand, such as, kiwi, cherry, blueberry, apple, pear, raspberry, lychee, dragon fruit, passion fruit. multiple seasons and different countries (taiwan, new zealand, manitoba and alberta) wwoof-ing and apprentice. confident on handling cattle, sheep, laying hen, bees.


Currently, I am by myself. And I am willing and more than happy to farm with different experts and learn from each others.

Farm Vision

Hedgehog Farm is a silvopasture mixed farm (trees, pasture and animals working together) to serve food to the community. While stewarding the ecosystem and striving for natural succession in a healthy and productive way is our first priority. We secure our customers' access to nutritious food sources, as well as upcycling the brewery's spent grain and bakery as livestock feed. This business uses orchard environments to provide animal welfare and flourish vegetation growth, basically following the principles of soil health and regenerative agriculture practices: Promote biodiversity; eliminate tillage; keep living roots, cover bail soil with plantation; integrate intensive grazing management with livestock for forage succession. Produces are proved to have high nutritional value, and the carbon footprint is less than grocery stores.

Relationship with Farm Owner

Since I have no entrepreneur experience, it will be beneficial for farm owner have farming and business background. Particularly on local connection and market insight. Once the income stream is getting solid, I am happy to lease to own the business or partnership the business in long run.