Partner with FarmLINK

Are you a agricultural organization, municipality or engaged in farm-linking, succession or regional development? Become a Regional Partner to profile and highlight the characteristics, resources and assets for new, existing and retiring farmers and landowners within your region.

FarmLINK provides a platform so groups or governments do not need to create and maintain their own system but instead can promote the use of the FarmLINK as a centralized listing tool, therefore allowing  their time and money to be focused on delivering on-the-ground programming. Regional Partners can access and engage FarmLINK’s broad network, draw attention to the opportunities in a specific region and direct users to localized resources and services. We see partnering as a way to build efficiency and collaboration for all of us. 

Regional Partners have access to two distinct assets of FarmLINK:
A. Regional Partner Landing Page

Each region will have a specific Regional Partner landing page providing partners the ability to edit, update and manage information including

  • Upcoming events
  • Regional stats, descriptions of the regional attributes and assets
  • Resources and links to their own content and other.
B. Multiple Farm Listings

Some Regional Partners may choose to manage a set of Farm Opportunity listings.  Partners, who choose this option will be able to post, manage and respond for up to 15 Farm Opportunities (listings will be identified as being managed by the Partner).


The Regional listings and Service Providers pages will appear as a different colour pin on the Farm Opportunity map allowing a user to easily identify region when searching is searching.

Communication Services
  • Access to digital assets such as promotional materials and resources
  • Partners’ resources can be included in FarmLINK’s resource section
  • Partner news can be included in FarmLINK’s newsletter.

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